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Provincial restrictions have eased and we are able to do in person keiko with certain measures in place.  TRKC will now be holding keiko in Bannerman park on Sunday and The Paul Reynolds Community Centre on Wednesdays:

Sunday: 10:00AM - 12:00PM

Wednesday: 8:30PM - 9:30PM

Please bring PPE, come dressed and ready for training, observe physical distancing, and proper hygiene. 

COVID-19 Alternate Class Arrangement 

Shelter in place responsibly

Remote practice, kendo & iaido

With the recent implications of Covid-19 mitigation measures we've had to adapt our training, many of us continue at home, or pursue what other means we have to hone and retain our skills.  In response to this the kendo community around the word has began to find ways of pursuing kendo together while observing social distancing.  

The Rock Kendo Club during this time will be offering remote keiko via ZOOM.

Class schedules are posted below.  



Rules for remote keiko:

1: Please be ready at the start of each session - late participants may not be admitted.

2: Be mindful, we may be shouting so be aware of those you may be disrupting, also refrain from unnecessary noise or chatter, much like the real dojo - a lot of ambient noise can be transmitted over the microphone.

I also recommend before joining each session to complete the following to 'be ready':

1: Taiso - stretching and calisthenics, try to cover head to toe and warm up properly.

2: Mokuso and Bowing in - a moment of meditation with deep breathing to clear the mind, we will start keiko from this point after bowing in (zarei). 

Links to get started:


Conference tool


Facebook groups

Kendo @ Home

Supplementary videos on YouTube

Kendo Jidai International

The Kendo Show

Hiro Imafuji​

【剣道時代】(Kendo jidai)

剣道総合サイト (Kendō sōgō saito)

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